With their upcoming debut album, “Norah June,” available November 1st,  Davy & Amelia capture the aspects of life that so many of us spend a lifetime trying to describe. The 4 track EP takes you through the adventures of growing into adulthood, falling in love, and the joys of living in the south. With their first child on the way, they decided to name the project after their soon to be daughter, “Norah June.” The songs are rich with anthemic chants, permeated with thought provoking metaphors, and layered with musical taste that has been compared to Johnny Cash’s “driving train” and the harmonic value of Joni Mitchell’s “simple but beautiful” melodies.

With their supporting band behind them, their interactive live performance is an absolutely unforgettable experience. The set is sure to get your heart beating and leave you wanting more.

Davy & Amelia hope that through the music they create, you will catch a glimpse of the Love that Jesus Christ has to offer in your life.